Do YOU Need a Storage Container?

Are You Looking For Shipping Containers For Sale in NC?


Tons of extra storage

The holidays are soon going to be upon us and everyone is looking for some convenient extra space to keep/hide things that you just can’t hide inside. A shipping containers could be exactly the thing you need to solve your storage woes for the foreseeable future, you’d be surprised at their strength and versatility!

You can always call in a junk removal service, but a lot of us just don’t see all of our extra stuff as “junk”.What about the things that are most valuable to you? You don’t want to have to get rid of them, and you can’t afford to lose them due to lack of storage space or poor storage. All states containers is just the place you need to go to meet your needs!

Get What YOU Need

When you look around, I’m sure you find all sorts of shipping containers, available in different sizes and designs and just wonder what you need. We’ve got all different types of shipping containers, like the refrigerated containers and modified containers designed for different projects. If you tell us what you’re looking for, we can assist you in finding the perfect container for your needs. Our team of experts know what’s best for what situations, and can advise you on such things with great expertise.

I know you’re getting ready to create space for more visitors during the holidays and you must be thinking about where to hide large gifts from the family. Weirdly shaped or large items like a fishing pole are too long to hide inside the house and a set of weights can be too heavy to keep indoors.  What about a safe and convenient spot for a small car? Think about this! That’s why you need to buy a wind and water tight shipping container. You’ll be thanking yourself later down the road for making such a great choice.

Are Shipping Containers Expensive?

We’ve got the right price for the right shipping container for you. One of the best things about buying shipping containers is that it’s an investment well worth the cost. You know that it’s something you can stay with for a lifetime and it gives you great value for your money. The effort of picking out the exact right one for you will be worth it down the road. We’ve got new and used shipping containers, all available at amazing prices. Whether you want to rent, buy, or rent to own a shipping container, we’ve got you covered until the end.

Where To Find The BEST Shipping Containers

Finding high quality shipping containers has never been this easy.  Why? We’ll help you find what you’re looking for right at the comfort of your home/office. All you need to do is to call us and let us know how we can help you. We bring you a high quality shipping container specifically for your project/needs at the most reasonable price. Talk to our superb customer support now and we’ll help you through the entire shipping container buying process until you find what you’ve been dreaming about!

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Is It Worth It To Buy A Storage Container?

Buying a Storage Container Is Worth It

The use of storage containers has gained a lot of popularity in the recent past. With all the benefits they offer, it is not surprising that many people have resorted to their use for storage solutions. However, there are still people who are skeptical about the returns of investing in a storage container. Well, here are reasons why you should not ignore and advertisement of storage containers for sale

Unlimited Uses

A storage container is the solution to all your storage problems. For example, car storage. These containers are used to transport cars around the world, so why not use one to store your car? A storage container is a cheaper option than building a garage, carport, or any other long term storage solution.

Besides using them for car storage, there are plenty of things you can store in a storage container like:

  • Your belongings for a move. If it happens that you are either moving to a new place, downsizing, or renovating, and you need a place to store your household items in the meantime, get a storage container. You won’t have to keep taking trips to the local storage facility to put your stuff in away just to return soon after to retrieve it. It will save you time and money, nobody likes having to go back and forth un-necessarily.
  • Storing farm implements and tools if you live on a farm. It can be transformed and used as a barn, you’ll only need to add a roof.
  • Making the ideal gardening and tools shed. No matter the size, a storage container can provide an excellent backyard storage for tools, gardening products and many more. If you do need one, there are plenty of places like All-states Containers with storage containers for sale.
  • A cool storage for businesses and special events like transporting refrigerated perishable goods. Refrigerated containers can provide an offsite cool storage if you are in the restaurant, catering or events industries.
  • Industrial storage.
  • Wine and beer cellars.


You can literally move with your storage container wherever you go. Whether its overseas or to another state. All you have to do is ship it to where you are going or load it on a truck and travel with it. Once you’ve stored your stuff in the container, you don’t have to worry about loading and unloading when you need to move.


If you’re looking for a storage solution that will last, then a storage container is for you. The steel material used to make the containers ensures that they can last for a long time. Furthermore, they can withstand any kind of weather. A storage container will offer you a long life and only at a small initial cost. Get down to All-states Containers and get yourself a storage container for a great price, with great help.


Storage containers are scalable storage solutions. How? You can stack a couple of containers to increase your storage space. They save you some warehouse space. The containers can be stacked up to 9’ high.

Where then don’t you have a storage container? Isn’t it worth it to invest in one? It serves all your needs for a long time, even a lifetime with proper maintenance. Where you see storage containers for sale, don’t hesitate to buy one.

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Keep Your Container Raised!

Tips for Keeping Your Shipping Container off The Ground

When purchasing a shipping container in Charlotte NC, you need to know where you’re planning to keep it so you’re ready for delivery before it gets there.

Planning this out is actually extremely important, depending on where you place it, can greatly effect the effective life span of your container. And I think we all want our shipping containers to last us as long as they possibly can!

How Strong Are They?

Shipping containers have all been designed to withstand the weight of 8 fully loaded containers on top of them. Each of these containers can weigh up to 30.5 tons in gross weight and this equates to 244 tons weighing on the bottom container. A load of this weight will be supported by the four corner posts of the container. The top and bottom of the said corner posts are known as the corner castings. The shipping container should sit on these bottom castings. If the ground is not completely flat, you can keep the container level by using four separate plinths such as wooden blocks, bricks, or concrete blocks. However, there will be more effective when placed on two concrete or wooden railway sleepers placed on each end transversally. After going for shipping containers for sale in Charlotte NC, you have the options of:

–    Placing the shipping container on asphalt directly but with 2×10 wooden planks placed on the corners of the shipping container to prevent it from sinking into the asphalt when temperatures are very high. This will also allow for better cooling of the container.

–    Putting the shipping container on top of a bed of crushed stone

–    Placing the shipping container on top of 6×6 timbers

So, What Do I Put It On?

You should make sure the surface on which you will place your shipping container is firm, smooth, and fairly level. If you are getting an off-road delivery of your shipping container, you are better off discussing the road condition with the involved parties in advance. When keeping in mind the resting location for your shipping container, concrete, earth, grass, and gravel are all acceptable. Shipping containers for sale in Charlotte NC are self-supporting at the corners. If the site has a soft and unstable surface, it is advisable that you get each corner casting supported with a bed of gravel, asphalt, railroad ties, or a concrete footing to help in distributing the weight evenly. This is crucial as it allows the doors of the shipping containers to operate smoothly. Making sure the container is level helps in keeping the shipping container ends in a square configuration. This helps in making sure the doors are easy to open and it also ensures tightness of the door seals to the frame thus keeping water from entering the container. The floor of the shipping container is typically made of thick laminated plywood and keeping your shipping container off the ground generates an air flow beneath the container. This helps to make sure the container is dry and prevent the formation of rust on the steel understructure. It is also advisable to keep your shipping container out of wet dirt and mud to help them last longer.

If you follow these steps and are careful in all aspects of caring for your shipping container, it should last you for a very long time to come! If you have any questions or want to get a container for yourself, go ahead and contact us now!

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The Woes Of Owning A Storage Container

Storage Container Woes

There has been a sudden rise in the demand and usage of shipping containers in the past few years because they are not only used for cargo operations but also have a variety of other great possible applications. You can store just about everything that comes to mind for as long as you want thanks to the sheer amount ofcargo carrying capacity these 10’, 20’, and 40’ containers offer. If you’ve ever stepped foot inside one you understand just how big they really are. They also come in handy when you want to relocate, when you want to create additional space around your property or when you want to store valuable items safely in one place. SO many uses!!

Storage containers also evoke a sense of security, especially those manufactured by legitimate steel container companies because they come readily installed with some of the most secure locking mechanisms to ensure thesafety of the cargo within. The most commonly used storage containers are madefrom steel, aluminum, fiber-reinforced polymer or a combination of all. They also come with heavy doors and have grooved walls on the top and bottom and are soldered to the rails and end frames. Good luck getting into a shipping container that you aren’t meant to be in, it’ll never work.

Shipping Containers, They’re Pretty Great.

What this should be communicating to you is that storage containers are extremely durable. They are built to withstand brutal weather, external physical damage and to top it all off; they can serve you for at least 20 years with minimal maintenance required, which makes for the most cost-effective storage option. Having said that,there are measures that you can take when you want to store perishable items, depending on what you want to stow away, you can either opt for a storage container that has steel or wooden floors.

Customize Your Container!

All States Containers storage containersStorage container modifications are huge right now, they are even being used to construct homes. Therefore, ventilation is one of the most important features you want to add because some containers are airtight and vents can help lower temperatures as well as mitigate any musty smells or dampness that could get inside. Depending on where you are this can be extremely important!

Storage containers don’t come with lighting or electricity, andit’s very easy to install electrical outlets powered by a generator or plugged directly into your electrical grid to make it easy to put lights inside. You can further make your container energy efficient by using a solar container lighting that can run for about 28 hours.It’s also important to have climate control measures in place when you need to store perishable items because while non-perishable can withstand some temperature fluctuations, perishables not so much.

Storage Containers are Worth It.

All States Containers shipping containerA climate-controlled storage container will not only eliminate the temperature fluxes, butit will also extend the lifespan of your stored items dramatically. The key is to ensure that your container is inaccessible to any insects or rodents and to check all items, which includes clothing, furniture, books, etc.for moisture, mold, dampness, and insects before storage. It also helps to use new cardboard boxes or airtight plastic bins before storage because used boxes are prone to wear and tear and plastic bags may also contain moisture, bugs, andmold that can damage your things or cause items to rot. Roaches don’t like many things more than old cardboard!

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Storage Sheds VS Shipping Containers!

Storage Sheds vs. Shipping Containers for Your Backyard

There is a big debate on which the better option is for your backyard storage, between sheds and shipping containers. A storage shed will provide you with a lot of storage space for plants, tools or other things you cannot fit or look bad in your garage. Backyard storage sheds have been made using wood for a long time, but in recent years, manufacturers have been using vinyl as an alternative. An exciting new trend in backyard storage involves taking a used storage container and repurposing it into a storage shed. However, do the benefits of used storage containers Raleigh outweigh those of a plain storage shed for your backyard?

Storage containers are used for long-term transportation and storage of cargo and as such they are an excellent means of keeping your things safe regardless of weather conditions. Storage sheds are equally as beneficial as you can make it yourself or have professional make it for you. You can also customize them to fit the available space as well as your requirements not to mention, you can build them in such a way that they match your space.

Storage containers are usually tested by the forces of nature including All States Containers shipping containerconstant humidity, wind, winter snowfall, and rains. Water damage has the most damaging effect on any storage facility and since storage sheds are often made from absorptive materials such as wood, they can succumb to damage from the elements. Shipping containers will not suffer the same fate.

Storage containers are completely waterproof thus protecting your things from all the effects of moisture, fire, or wind. They are made from waterproof steel so anything  kept inside will remain secure. Your only risk would be if you’ve developed rust but that would take a very long time and you should notice it before it can cause any damage. Storage sheds on the other hand can simply be broken through as their materials are generally not very hard to get through.

All States Containers storage containersYou can put together a storage shed yourself or have a professional do it for you but there is a risk of having structural errors if it is not put together properly. If this is the case, then your things will be at risk of damage in case the structure collapses. You will also have to pay excessive labor fees if you call in a professional to assemble it for you.

A storage container offers you a safe place to keep your things without needing to worry about cost of assembly or labor. The shipping container will be delivered to your property and it is instantly ready to use.

Storage containersare the safest option especially if you are storing valuable and expensive things. They are made of steel all through with either double or single doors so any thief would have a very difficult time trying to break in. shipping containers are devoid of any weak points from the hinges to the roof.

So, a storage shed may cost you a little less in the long run, but it’s more susceptible to the elements and can is quite a bit less secure than its metal counterpart.

For more information on using a shipping container for a garage contact All States Containers at 704-802-7700.

Top Things To Look Out For With Your Shipping Container!

Man standing outside storage container stack All You Need To Know About Allstates Containers

You would be hard pressed to NOT find a bunch of online platforms talking about storage containers, wanting them, all of the things you can do with them, and more. However, once these people get in their cars and actually go to search for containers, they’re not sure what they’re looking for! It’s a lot easier to think you understand something when talking and reading online, but it’s a different thing to be able to go somewhere and apply your knowledge. Storage containers differ according to their use. This article will help you understand what metal storage containers are made of, helping you select the best metal storage container for sale in Raleigh.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Steel Storage Containers

The steel used to make the storage container is unique. It is referred to as COR-TEN or commonly refered to as “weathering steel”. They are very powerful and strong because they use a steel alloy that is made into a corrugated pattern. The corrugation itself physically makes it even stronger, allowing them to be stacked very high if need be; this is perfect for anyone who may need to stack them for storage or office needs. This strength also helps them remain intact during harsh weather conditions as they are exposed to elements that would cause damage and degredation to lesser metals and mediums.

  1. Delivery logistics- You have to consider where the delivery truck will offload this storage container. You need to select a place that will allow the delivery truck to turn around once it offloads the container. It takes a large vehicle to transport such a big and heavy container, but it’s a lot easier than driving all the way out to a storage container every time you need to access YOUR things!
  2. Appearance- The storage doesn’t just need to be practical, if you’re going to have it outside your home or anywhere visible, you want it to look good too!. Thus, it should be designed and colored to meet your requirements. You could make its color contrast or blend in with the environment depending on the overall look you’re going for.
  3. The condition of the floor- As soon as you take delivery of your container, the first thing you needGlobal shipping containers to check is its floor. Make sure that it’s in the best shape it can be, the last thing you want is a big rust hole to sit there and expand, leaving your goods open to the elements and animals! You also need to pay attention to the corners and the folds of the metal. These will be the first signs of an affected floor. If you notice any signs of rotting, make sure that you inform the container assemblers to fix it before you start using it. A container is a big investment, make sure you’re getting your money for it!
  4. The condition of the door- Make sure that you check the security and strength of the door. It should be able to lock securely with no give, but also swing open with ease. This will help you be sure of the security of the property that you will store inside the container. If you’re doors are unbalanced or just not perfect in any way, it makes them both easier for someone to get into and harder for you to easily access.
  5. The condition of the storage container exterior- Look out for any rust, holes, or significant dents. These are signs that the container is damaged and that it will not serve you as well.
  6. The volume or size- This is very important because you need to select your container based on your specific needs. If you need it as an office and file storage space then you might want to get a larger container to help you maneuver through as you work. If it is simply for storing some miscelanious things then you could be fine going for a smaller container.

COR-TEN- The COR stands for “corrosion resistant” and TEN stands for “tensile strength”. Metals contained in this trademark strong steel include nickel, manganese, copper, chromium, iron, phosphorus, sulfur, silicon, vanadium, and carbon. AllStates Containers is based in Charlotte, North Carolina; they specialize in providing various types of containers for their customers. For more information about buying a shipping container in Raleigh, get in contact with us!!

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What’s The Value Of A Shipping Container?

What Value Can You Get Out Of a Storage Container

Shipping containers are capable of doing a lot more than merely carrying cargo. Using a shipping container for whatever your purposes may be is a good choice! Shipping containers can be used as garages for vehicles if your home doesn’t have one. Shipping containers in North Carolina can be used to store surplus office files or household items, as swimming pools, a mobile office space, low-cost housing, fire-training facilities, refrigeration unit, or even mititure mobile retail buildings! How you choose to use your storage container is completely up to you depending on your needs at the time.

Shipping Container Resale

The market for selling storage containers has always been a strong one. Buying a storage container instead of leasing could lead to a lot of long-term savings. Storage containers are a good option for companies that are looking to move goods long distances. Storage containers in Charlotte are strong and sturdy purely by design. They’re built for inter-continental travel after all! Not to mention, they can handle almost any climate or weather condition you put them in. Right off of the shelf they have a 25-year hard life of transportation, leaving a lot of possibility for future re-sale and rental as it gets a little older!

Investing in a shipping container can sound like an odd idea to anyone who hasn’t really heard of them being used in that capacity before. It is very profitable as a business. You can get shipping in Charlotte and lease them out to transport companies seeing as they are always looking for viable containers to use without having to buy their own. The transportation market has demonstrated resilience regardless of the recent global financial crisis. Storage containers in North Carolina always seem to be in demand and it doesn’t look like it’s going to change anytime soon.

Shipping Container Farming

You’ve probably never heard of it before, but mobile farming is starting to pick up all around the world. Land is becoming more and more sparse all over the world, bringing the garden TO the individual is a good way to handle that problem! It also allows more people access to fresh foods, which is very important! These containers can even be equipped with solar panels that allow it to remain functional in any location you move it! The storage containers can also be climate-controlled allowing duplication and management of every weather condition. The vertical farming rows in the storage containers will not be affected by harsh unforgiving weather conditions so they will give you plentiful harvests no matter the season. Sounds like a pretty good system!

Container Conversions

There are so many shipping containers that just sit, unused in ports and docks all over the world. That represents a huge investment of raw materials going unused over the decades. Sitting there rusting isn’t doing anyone any good! Another great alternative for shipping containers in Charlotte is converting them for other uses. Your storage container can be repurposed into a small business, or a studio office in your very own yard. The great thing about owning a shipping container is that you can move around with it and it can be anything you want it to be. It’s yours!

For more information on using a shipping container for a garage contact All States Containers at 704-802-7700.

How Long Can A Shipping Container Last?

Storage Container How Long Can A Shipping Container Last?

Shipping containers have become very popular since the 1950s due to their incredible durability. These steel storage containers have been developed from scratch to protect all kinds of goods from the rough conditions associated with long-distance transportation. However, they do eventually degrade as all other things do. All storage containers can last for a specific amount of time before they ‘re generally considered useless. The lifespan greatly depends on a variety of factors, the place you live can even influence the lifespan quite a bit.

If you are looking to buy a storage container in Charlotte for one specific, set use, you should take into consideration that a storage container is not a forever thing, it does have an impressively long life-span for what it is but will not last forever!

Average Lifetime 

You first need to know how long you will be using your new or used storage container in Charlotte. ‘Used Once’ storage containers are a popular option as they have only been used once to ship products. This means they are much cheaper than newer containers and you will not end up with a storage container that has gone through years of hard service on the ocean. The consensus among various suppliers concerning how long storage containers will last is 25 years without any maintenance. This figure will vary based on the climate the shipping container is situated in but a minimum of 25 years is the average natural lifespan of a storage container.

Heavily used containers for sale in NC are usually around 10 years old when out of service so if you’ve recently bought one of them then you should get at least 15 years of use from the storage containers before needing to conduct any maintenance repairs on it. When you’re dealing with a used container, there are other factors to consider such as whether they have any rust or got any dents during the purchase.

Storage containers can have various lifespans just according to different people. Container leasing companies usually depreciate their containers over 10-12 years before taking them out of service. A storage container can still be useful for a private owner with simpler needs even if it has been deemed not seaworthy by shipping conglomerates. When it comes to these situations its more of a just go with that you need type of thing, if you just want to store some tools in it for instance, they can hold up a bit better than frunitute or clothing.

Risk Factors and Avoidance

A container’s lifespan can be greatly shortened by rust, which is worsened greatly by seawater and moisture. Wet climates and seawater can greatly influence how long your container lasts also.

You can greatly extend the lifespan of your storage container using simple, effective measures to make it impervious to natural weather conditions. If you are buying a new or used storage container in Charlotte, ensure you inspect it properly before making any purchases or big decisions. Any dents in the outer shell or cracks in the paint coating can promote the onset of rust, thus significantly reducing the lifespan. That’s not to say that a small dent will cause your container to fall apart in a mere few years, but it’s not to be overlooked!

Minimizing exposure to moisture is the most effective way to extend the shipping container’s lifespan.

Using some form of external cladding for the storage containers can add decades to your shipping container’s lifespan. Termites and rot will not damage an effective cladding and it can stick around for more than 50 years. Another effective approach is to take restorative action as soon as you encounter any issues. Leaving the rust un-treated for any amount of time after you notice it is just asking for problems, you’ll save yourself tome and money in the long run if you just stay up on repairs when needed! Reducing internal condensation and storing your shipping container off of the ground will also reduce moisture contact. You can reduce internal condensation by choosing what you store in the container wisely. If the things inside it are sensitive enough to require it, some kind of de-humidifier is always  an option! If it happens that you don’t need the container long term, we also offer rental storage containers!

For more information on using a shipping container for a garage contact All States Containers at 704-802-7700.

Planning Ahead With Your Storage Container Can Save You Money

How Planning Ahead with A Storage Container Can Save You Time and Money

Having a storage unit on hand can be very convenient for you, be it for keeping your treasured possessions if you are downsizing or storing archived business documents securely. It is important to choose the right conex container to suit your needs. Steel storage units, and high-quality ones at that, are becoming very popular because they are affordable, convenient, and secure.

Planning Ahead

Once you decide to get shipping containers for sale in Charlotte NC to cater to your storage requirements, you will have to start looking around for the best feature set and prices for your container. When you plan ahead then you will be able to book the delivery of your shipping container for sale in Charlotte NC when you need it instead of waiting until the eleventh hour and being unable to attain a delivery slot working with your plans.

Paying for space that you do not need makes no sense so prior to contacting a company to talk about your conex container storage requirements, you will have to make an estimate of the size of unit that you will need. After you get a rough idea, then it will be time to start looking for a company offering units in sizes that will meet your requirements.

You need to know and be aware of the features that will best suit your needs. You may be in the market for an anti-vandal shipping container in NC, a weatherproof conex xontainer, or some type of insured unit. You need to inquire as to whether you will have to pay if any damage occurs. These are some of the things you should discuss with your storage provider before hiring a conex container to ensure you are getting the features that suit your needs.

Delivery and Location

Another advantage of getting a shipping container in NC is that it can be delivered right at your door. This is why you need to do your research on the available delivery services provided by the company. When you are deciding where you will be putting the conex container unit, you should consider whether it is accessible by the delivery vehicle and whether the location will be convenient for you also. It is worth considering whether there will be a need to move the container to a new location. You should make sure you include these points when discussing with your chosen company. Nobody on either end wants any last minute surprises!

Accessibility of the Unit

Depending on what you will be storing in the conex container, you may need to consider the unit’s accessibility. If you will be storing boxes containing files or heavy items such as furniture then it is preferable to get a unit that will sit on the ground with doors that can open wide to enable the easiest possible access. On the other hand, if you need to keep your things free from dampness then you are better off hiring an elevated unit that may only be accessible using steps. The company will offer advice on the right features for your storage unit depending on your specific needs. The best company in the Charlotte NC area is All States Containers, they’re your go to for any container needs you may have!


How To Best Utilize A Storage Container

Quality Steel Storage Containers

Steel storage containers are made to withstand international shipping.  They are tough, strong and versatile. While many individuals use them for storing items during transit, they can be used to store items on land, and they can be modified to serve as office space, home, restroom and so much more. Because of their shape, they are also sometimes referred to as conex boxes. Many construction companies also use them for keeping materials and equipment on the construction site.

Uses Of Storage Containers

The main use of storage containers is self-explanatory. They are used to store items which could include construction equipment, portable generators, mobile office, old furniture, tools and all other sorts of equipment.

Car dealers use these steel storage containers to keep their equipment, tools, and tires safe from theft and damage. Some schools use them to keep their sports equipment, furniture, and materials safe. Because they are watertight, once you store your items in them, you do not have to worry about bad weather conditions. Their structure is also so hardy that it would take too much effort to break into and that is why cases of steel containers vandalism are almost non-existent.

Choosing The Best

If you live around Nashville Tennessee and are in search of a quality conex box, then All-State Containers is your best option. You are guaranteed to find many construction sites harboring conex boxes from All-State Containers. Their containers are also available beyond Nashville city and you can also find them for lease or sale in areas such as Clarksville Kentucky, Jackson, Murfreesboro, Cookeville, Columbia, Lebanon, Hendersonville, and Brentwood. This is why All-State Containers are the preferred service provider in all of central Tennessee.

Why Choose All-State Containers?

They offer the most reliable storage. The steel storage containers they sell and hire are acclaimed for their durability and dependability. They are made from 14 gauge steel with power cross beams at the bottom. This helps to ensure they can withstand a massive amount of weight. The doors also contain watertight gaskets which keep wind and water out of the containers. In addition, each container contained one inch of plywood flooring that is treated thus facilitating smooth exit and entry of storage items whether they are being moved by foot, using a forklift or even pallet jack.

Size Of Storage Containers

Most people prefer storage containers measuring 40’ and 20’. All-State Containers, however, has a wide variety of containers in different sizes. The 40’ containers are usually used for large commercial and industrial projects while the smaller 20’ steel containers are popular among builder, homeowners and small-scale project managers.

When you get a steel container from All-State Containers, you are guaranteed quality and so you will be able to use it for a long time to come. Moreover, you can have it delivered to you and in a timely fashion. The cost of leasing or buying one is affordable and once you’re done with the containers, simply call the All States Containers team and they will come get it back from you. How amazing is that? You can find Allstates Containers at their site today!